Mediaset: Ad sales gaining steam


ROME -- Advertising levels at Mediaset are starting to recover after a slow start, the Italian broadcasting giant said Friday, with June its best month of the year so far and advanced sales for July ads almost complete.

"June and July have gone well," CEO Giuliano Adreani said in a statement. "We are full."

The strong summer sales have followed a slower-than-expected start to the year that saw ad sales and overall revenue drop when compared with the same period in 2006.

The company also said that, once it has finished digesting its $5 billion takeover of Dutch reality television producer Endemol, it will be finished with overseas acquisitions for the foreseeable future.

Those comments come as Mediaset and partner John de Mol are putting the final touches on the acquisition of 75% of Endemol shares they completed in May. The partners also have made a bid for the remaining 25% of Endemol.

Mediaset will report its second-quarter results in the second half of July.
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