Mediaset Goes Global With Online Platform Launch

'Mediaset Tower'

Berlusconi’s Italian TV station is set to offer worldwide streaming

Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset Italy is further expanding its reach by launching a new platform Wednesday called Mediaset Italy Online, which will make the station globally accessible via desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The station has previously been available outside of Italy in limited areas via cable and satellite stations, but this marks the first effort of the company to reach a global audience outside of Italy. The cost of the service varies per country, but averages at $6.50 a month and a two-week trial subscription is currently on offer.

Giorgio Giovetti, head of international distribution at Mediaset said of the launch, “We are among the first in the world to offer such a service online: a single streaming channel that is always accessible, with a wealth of content, and a price that is truly symbolic.”

Mediaset Italy Online is targeted at Italians living abroad to stay up to date with the country’s sporting events, sitcoms, news, and cinema. As most TV station online launches continue to be limited on a per-country basis, the Mediaset global strategy will be one to watch in upcoming months. 

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