Mediaset workers to protest outsourcing

Two-day strike planned; some shows might be canceled

ROME -- Actors and other television personalities appearing on programming with Italian broadcast giant Mediaset on Sunday and Monday will go on air without their normal shine after 56 workers in charge of makeup, wigs and costumes said they would walk off the job.

The two-day strike is in protest of Mediaset's decision to outsource their jobs starting Feb. 1. The strike will take place ahead of meetings scheduled between the trade unions representing those jobs and Mediaset management, which is headed by Piersilvio Berlusconi, son of the Italian prime minister.

The walkout could have a strong effect on programming: Mediaset warned that some programs could be canceled for the weekend and replaced by reruns. No word on how much such a move could cost the company in terms of lost ad revenue.

Mediaset officials said it would be the first time the 32-year-old company was faced with a workers' strike.
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