Mediaset would consider YouTube agreement

Italian broadcaster might allow content to remain on the site

ROME -- Italian broadcast giant Mediaset said on Monday that it is open to reaching an agreement with YouTube over the site's alleged illegal use of Mediaset content. Mediaset also said it filed the 500 million euro ($720 million) suit against the Google-owned company in part to make a point about the illegal use of copyrighted content online.

Mediaset filed the suit against YouTube in a Rome court in July, alleging that nearly 5,000 Mediaset clips totaling more than 325 hours were illegally available on YouTube. The company reached the value of the suit by calculating that YouTube had siphoned away more than 300,000 audience viewing days.

As of Monday, scores of Mediaset clips were still available on YouTube.

According to Mediaset legal adviser Gina Nieri, the broadcaster could be open to reaching an agreement with YouTube that would allow Mediaset content to appear on the site without abusing the broadcaster's copyright.

"It is difficult to say how it will end, since the case just started," Nieri said. "But I do not exclude the possibility of reaching an agreement."