'Medium' may go to CBS

Series' fate at NBC uncertain

If it opts to lose comedy "The New Adventures of Old Christine" to ABC, CBS may gain another veteran series from a competitor, NBC's drama "Medium."

CBS has been mulling a play for "Medium" as the show's renewal talks with NBC had stalled.

The move would mirror last year's leap of "Scrubs" from NBC to ABC.

In both cases, a long-running show that got little respect from NBC went to the network affiliated with the studio behind it -- ABC Studios for "Scrubs" and CBS TV Studios for "Medium."

In both cases, the switch would come after NBC and the producer couldn't agree on the license fee and the size of the order, insisting on a partial pickup.

And in both cases, the conglom that owns the producing studio has a lot to gain by keeping the series running on its own network to boost the series' syndication revenue by increasing the number of episodes produced.

In the case of "Christine," ABC has a deal in place to pick up the comedy for 22 episodes if CBS passes, which is considered unlikely.