Meet 3 of L.A.'s Pet-Friendliest Offices (Photos)

These industry offices have plenty of perks for pooches, from doggy calendars to daily visits from dog walkers.

Every day is "Take Your Dog to Work Day" at these three super-pet-friendly Hollywood offices (one of them even holds a Halloween costume party for pooches). Just don’t leave your chicken unattended.

Authentic Entertainment (above)
Authentic Entertainment brings some of reality TV’s most memorable characters to life, producing shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers & Tiaras and Flipping Out — and it turns out there are just as many big personalities in the office, but they’re of the four-legged variety. The Burbank office is extremely pet-friendly, with around a dozen pooches prancing up and down the colorful hallways at any given time.

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“It’s really relaxing to have them here,” says senior vp development Helga Eike, whose dog Bobbin hangs out in her office daily. “When you’re having a bad day, you can take a ball and throw it down the corridor and all the dogs will just run after it. It’s really cool.”

Co-workers take breaks to go on group walks with their dogs, and the company also hosts an annual Halloween costume contest for the dogs, and produces a calendar featuring shots of the pets. Do the big personalities ever butt heads like their reality TV counterparts? Patrick McElroy, a lead editor on Honey Boo Boo, says the dogs have great “working relationships with each other.” “It’s very odd,” he says. “There’s very rarely a scuffle. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more disagreements between people than dogs.”

Pictured from Authentic:
1. Beth Dewey (holding Herbie)
2. David Mastron and Jake
3. Emily Ellis and Huxley
4. Will Pisnieski and Ginger
5. P.J. Wolff and Jett and Herbie
6. Clint Peters and London
7. Chris Bray and Balkan and Rila
8. Jeffrey Weaver and Lucky
9. Dana Bennett and Dixie
10. Maryn Peters and Billy
11. Coco Atkinson and DaVinci
12. Reinita Susman and Cody
13. Jeremiah Radel and Bebe
14. Todd Lefkowitz and Luca
15. Carolyn Townsend and Isabella
16. Helga Eike, Chris Wilson and Bobbin


RSA Films
Founded by Ridley and Tony Scott, RSA Films allows its employees’ dogs to roam free, sometimes to the detriment of their lunches. Executive producer Tracie Norfleet’s Labradoodle Ipo has been one of the infamous food snatchers. “Ipo once went into the main conference room, where Ridley was enjoying his chicken lunch, leapt up, grabbed the chicken off his plate, and ran with it,” she says.

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The Beverly Hills–adjacent office began its dog-friendly policy nearly 20 years ago when RSA president Jules Daly’s yellow lab, Jones (now deceased), began coming to work with her. Today, her lab Tank continues to hang out in the office, and has taken on the role of “head of security.” The film, TV and commercial production company has a doggy bath van come every three weeks, and a daily dog walker is available for employees to hire for walks. Ridley Scott also has a dog, Lulu, who joins him when he's in town. Don’t expect these industry dogs to ever be starstruck, however. “With dogs, they don’t know if it’s a movie star or the Fed Ex guy — they interact with anybody,” says Daly. “They just loosen everybody up.”

Pictured for RSA:
1. Paul Kawasaki and Dylan
2. Jen Dennis and Dexter
3. Amal Baggar and Otis
4. Susan Tamas and Willie
5. Annie Lam and Bobo
6. Dan Rosenthal and Mote
7. Diane Castrup and Winston
8. Amy Arce and Roxie
9. Alejandra Quesada and Vannilope (and pals)
10. Tracie Norfleet and Eeps
11. Jules Daly and Tank
12. Ted Sheehan (holding Daly's dog Tank)

Every day is “Take Your Dog to Work Day” at the busy publicity firm residing in the spacious Pacific Design Center. Bill Sanders, senior vp personal brand management, says he’s noticed little dog friendships develop over the years between some of the regular office pooches. “You see a couple of them running around the office and you know they’re off on their afternoon walk,” he says.

Among the company’s many celebrity (Sandra Bullock, Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey and Colin Farrell) and brand (Audi and Samsung) clients is also one A-list pup: Lassie. There can be anywhere between 15 to 20 dogs in the office at any one time, including Sanders’ shih tzu Maggie. “We call her little Buddha,” he says. “She’s very, very calming. When you’re stressed out and having a bad day, you just pick her up and then you feel better.”

Pictured from PMK*BNC:
1. Gina Hoffman and Gertie
2. Stacy Freeman-Weitz and Bella
3. Erin Rochlin and Mable
4. Kyleen Kutash and Shorty
5. Bill Sanders and Maggie
6. Celina Sanchez and Roonie
7. Connie Winsberg and Zsa Zsa and Dean
8. Ruth Alcos and Sugar
9. Emily Yomtobian and Max and Harry
10. Meg Masters and Finn
11. Katie Harris-Maines and Riley
12. Ashley Demoff and Oliver
13. Julie Maxfield and Sasha
14. Regina Gates and Sam
15. Jonathan Kichaven and Ike

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