Meet 5 Under-the-Radar Facialists With Game-Changing Treatments

Joomee Song-Lady Gaga-Publicity-Getty-Split-H 2019
Courtesy of Joomee Song; Getty Images

Just in time for awards season, meet L.A.'s newest crop of sought-after skin-care gurus.

The secret to any big-night beauty prep comes down to having the right little black book. And while there is no shortage of big-name facialists in Los Angeles — putting your best, flawless face forward is a job requirement in Hollywood, after all — awards season is as much about up-and-coming talent as it is about the headliners.

Take a look at the city's best rising beauty stars and the signature treatments they promise will deliver a winning glow. 

Joomee Song at Faceworks Inc.

After several years of working at the Hotel Bel-Air spa, followed by a few tours with Lady Gaga, Japanese-born Song has finally opened her own treatment space in Santa Monica. Known for her unique protocol, which combines an ancient form of Japanese deep facial massage to lift, tone, and detoxify the skin; a chiropractic Shiatsu technique that realigns facial structure; and a special form of microcurrent whereby the electric charge is delivered through her hands rather than the usual metal wand. The results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. "By stretching the muscles and fascia in the face, neck and jaw, we can stimulate circulation and blood flow, drain excess water and create definition," says Joomi. "A series of treatments can completely change the shape of the face, bring out the cheekbones and get rid of a double chin."

Faceworks Inc. in Santa Monica, (323) 404-0547; treatments from $175.

Heather Bradley at Bradley Beauty

Veteran aesthetician Heather Bradley's "Signature Scrape" isn't half as scary as it sounds. In fact, the two-hour derma-planing treatment, in which she uses a 10-gauge scalpel (and a very steady hand) to gently shave off dead skin, fine "peach fuzz" hair and what she likes to call "barnacles" from the face, neck and decollete is completely noninvasive and painless. "Most clients fall asleep during the treatment; it's so relaxing," Bradley says. After a thorough cleanse, the procedure is performed on dry skin and results in an instantly smoother texture and tone, while longer-term effects include the reduced appearance of fine lines and a significant reduction in acne scarring. "Derma-planing is a healthy type of trauma that jumpstarts natural collagen production by increasing cellular turnover and leaves the skin looking really youthful,” she says.

Bradley Beauty in Brentwood, (323) 363-9682; treatments from $325.

Lisa Goodman at GoodSkin Clinics

After training with A-list Hollywood dermatologists Dr. Harold Lancer and Dr. Ava Shamban, and Dr. Pierre-Alain Mayeux in Paris, Goodman took what she had learned and opened her own clinic, specializing in cutting-edge anti-aging treatments for an "untouched" look. "What you've been sold about Botox and Juvederm and Restylane is all wrong," she says. Case in point? The AquaGold Botox + Filler Facial, in which an individually tailored "cocktail" containing a blend of Botox, Juvederm, vitamins and amino acids is not injected but stamped into the skin using a 20-karat-gold-tipped microneedle. "This combination is great for treating everything from acne and rosacea, to oily skin and even oversized pores," says Goodman. "There are published medical studies showing that Botox can slow oil production and help in the treatment of rosacea. And the filler will instantly improve the skin's hydration and lessen the appearance of fine lines."

Goodskin Clinics in Brentwood, (310) 400-6354; treatments from $1,000.

Mia Belle at Mia Belle Skin

"Collagen induction therapy, or micro needling, has been popular outside the U.S. for decades," says Belle. "But when it came here, it got watered down. I'm a fan of what I learned from doctors overseas." Belle's bespoke DermalBonding technique targets the skin on all levels — tackling pigmentation, scars, skin tone and texture by using multiple needle depths during the treatment in combination with different topicals. "This is key for optimal results," says Belle. "Vitamin C and arbutin serums need to reach the deepest levels of the dermis to address pigmentation, while hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid should be closer to the surface." Belle finishes the treatment with a cooling liquid nitrogen cryofacial "to stimulate growth factors, reduce any excess inflammation and help strengthen the defense mechanisms of the skin."

Mia Belle Skin in Beverly Hills, (213) 422-4346; treatments from $350.

Julie Civiello Polier

For an inner glow that radiates from the entire body, L.A.'s haute hippie crowd heads to reiki master and intuitive healer Civiello Polier: "My clients call it the glow worm effect," she says. Her signature Shamanic Facial combines guided meditation, energy healing and gua sha facial massage with the usual scrubs, mask and serums. "Each session is different, depending on what needs to be called in and what needs to be released," explains Civiello Polier of her holistic approach, which favors crystals over injectables. "Mookaite Jasper placed on the body's power centers raises the frequency of beauty inside and out, while malachite eases tension and worry in the face — it's the Botox of crystals." Sessions end with a prayer or blessing to lock in the healing energy.

Julie Civiello Polier in Venice, (310) 779-5889; treatments from $200.