Meet an Emmy Nominee: 'Drunk History' Director Derek Waters

"It's all surreal. Getting to do this show is already surreal," the director says.

When Derek Waters learned about his Emmy nomination for outstanding directing for a variety series for his Comedy Central series Drunk History, his carbon monoxide alarm went off. "I didn't even know I had a carbon monoxide alarm," he tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Once that was sorted out, Waters mentions how crazy the recognition for the show has been. "It's all surreal. Getting to do this show is already surreal," he explains. "I've been very lucky with having a premise of a show secretly being a history show and being able to tell these stories that truly feel like more people should know about and making it funny." 

Drunk History has retold the stories of Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill and Alexander Hamilton. The Hamilton episode, which is the episode Waters is nominated for, stars Aubrey Plaza as Aaron Burr and Alia Shawkat as Hamilton, with Lin-Manuel Miranda attempting to retell the story while intoxicated. When asked about the slew of celebrities that have been on Drunk History, Waters says, "It's so cool the type of people that we've been able to get to do this."

Watch the full interview in the video above.