Meet an Emmy Nominee: 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Executive Producers Lisa Kudrow, Dan Bucatinsky

"It's the most fun show, and we get to keep doing it," Kudrow says of the Emmy-nominated genealogy series.

"It never goes away," Lisa Kudrow says of the excitement around Emmy nominations. "I really think the nomination is the most important thing."

Kudrow and her producing partner, Dan Bucatinsky, are no strangers to the TV Academy, having been recognized previously for their collaboration on The Comeback. This time around, they're being celebrated for executive producing the TLC genealogy documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? The show follows celebrities around as they discover the history of where they came from.

"It's the most fun show, and we get to keep doing it," Kudrow says when she and Bucatinsky stopped by The Hollywood Reporter's offices to talk about the show's Emmy nomination for outstanding structured reality program.

"There was a big question about whether a show like this — about history, about genealogy — could stick," Bucatinsky explains. "Lisa and I have been doing this for several seasons, and when it gets any kind of acknowledgment like this, it's an exciting thing."

Watch the full interview in the video above.