Meet an Emmy Nominee: 'MasterChef Junior' Host Gordon Ramsay

"It's not about becoming first, second or third," the first-time Emmy nominee says about his hit reality show. "It's about getting the best out of them."

When Gordon Ramsay first heard about his Emmy nomination for outstanding host for a reality or reality-competition program for MasterChef Junior, he was having breakfast with his kids. "Breakfast in the Ramsay household is quite eventful," the chef explained.

This is Ramsay's first nomination, although he has a slew of other hosting turns, including Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and the original MasterChef. Stopping by The Hollywood Reporter offices, Ramsay said he was "really pleased" about getting nominated specifically for MasterChef Junior.

"MasterChef Junior has become a linchpin for great eating habits," he said. "These young kids are re-educating their parents. I'm fed up with kids getting blamed for their eating habits — it's not the kids; it's the parents. MasterChef Junior has turned that on its head."

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