Meet an Emmy Nominee: 'Shameless' Star William H. Macy

"It's a complicated thing," the actor says of his 13th Emmy nomination.

William H. Macy is on his 13th Emmy nomination, and this year marks his fourth consecutive nomination for his role as Frank Gallagher on Showtime's Shameless

"It's a complicated thing," Macy explained when he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter from his home in Los Angeles. "Certainly the whole awards thing has worn a little thin, and it's not like the first time I got an Emmy nomination. It's better to win — it's a lot more fun when you win. But it's settled into — I'm honored, I get to see my pals when I get there — it's turned into a pretty lovely party for me." 

When asked who he would like to be seated next to at the upcoming ceremony (other than his wife, actress Felicity Huffman), the actor already had it mapped out: "Steve Carell over here, Tina Fey over there and the cast of Veep over here."

Watch the full interview in the video above.