Meet Blake Lively's Trainer

Blake Lively - P 2015
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Blake Lively - P 2015

The actress gets a little too, um, nosy with him.

Blake Lively has had her hands in several different projects this year, including designing a diaper bag she named after her daughter, introducing the world to being "brond" and promoting her film The Age of Adaline in seven different outfits in just one day. But the one thing we didn't except the actress to have her hands in? Her trainer's nose.

In true Lively fashion, Ryan Reynolds' other half posted a silly photo of herself with trainer Don Saladino, sticking her index finger up his nostril. She introduced him on Instagram, "This fit dude, @donsaladino NOSE how to kick my butt (see what I did there) #WhyIsCelluliteIsSoMuchCuterOnBabies You'll die over his training on Broadway. Officially a maniac. Which is of course why we get along." Punny, Blake, punny.


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So if you ever find yourself in need of a good workout in New York, you know who to look for. Just try to keep your hands to yourself, OK?