Meet the Cast of Italy’s New 'MTV Super Shore'

Courtesy of MTV Networks Europe
The Cast of 'Super Shore 3'

Castmembers from Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico have arrived in Rimini ready for action.

MTV’s Shore series has come full circle.

It’s been six years since the original Jersey Shore crew traveled to Florence, Italy, looking for trouble. And the biggest and boldest incarnation of franchise Super Shore, which combines castmembers from Latin America and Southern Europe, is beginning production for its third season in Italy on Friday.

The cast of nine is in Rimini, Italy’s famed coastal town, for the next 30 days, shooting around the clock with a production team of 80 people. The cast this year includes Elettra Lamborghini, the car-heiress granddaughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who will welcome the global cast to her homeland. Elettra has made a name for herself as a reality show queen, nicknamed the “Italian Killer” for her unwillingness to back down in any situation.

“I have a lot of balls. It’s better if you leave me alone,” she tells THR. “If you provoke me, I have no problem to fight back.”

Elettra is known for her wild style, including 42 piercings, 15 of them diamonds. Leveraging her reality TV success, she already has plans after the season wraps to move to Miami and record a reggaeton-trap album. But she’s already beat in having a song to market by castmember Potro, who releases a new single Friday that he hopes will be the summer dance hit of Rimini. He hopes to also leverage his success on the show into a prosperous singing career, but for now, his goal is to simply “finish all the tequila in Italy.”

He arrived to Rimini with another fan favorite from Mexico, Karime, who plans on returning to her home after the show and becoming a television host. In the meantime, she has her own line of T-shirts and caps that broadcast her life mottos, including her love of plastic surgery.

Beyond their image of hard-partying youth, Potro and Karime are grateful to the show for showing another side of Mexico.

“I think it’s good to let people know how Mexicans really are,” says Potro. "Because everyone thinks that Mexico is really dangerous, and it’s not like that. ... We are really civilized people, and we are really polite. We love to make friends and have a good time."

Coming fresh off sister show Acapulco Shore, they want to help change global perceptions of the city. “Acapulco used to be really dangerous, like you get killed in the streets,” continues Potro. “We always speak good things about Acapulco, and I think we’re ambassadors of showing another side of Acapulco. Rimini is like the Acapulco of Italy.”

Their charismatic fellow Acapulco Shore castmembers Danik and Victor will also join Super Shore this season. Brazilian Igor, the ultimate romantic, returns to try his hand at love again. The trained lawyer has Super Shore to thank for his new life as a model and swimwear designer. “MTV gave me a brand,” he says of his success outside the show.

“The beauty of this show is bringing together global cultures,” he says. “A party in Brazil is a party in Italy is a party in Spain.”

And three newcomers from Spain will join the cast: Adela, Ferre and Isaac. All fitness and fashion enthusiasts, they are already formulating their plans to woo the other housemates.

While paving their own way with a multicultural show, many castmembers pay respect to the original Jersey Shore. "I was in love with the original Jersey Shore," says Elettra. "JWoww was my favorite."

"I was 10 years old, and I wanted to be Snooki, JWoww, all of them," says Karime. "And now I have my own program."

Super Shore has been a hit for MTV across Europe and Latin America, and the third season will premiere in the fall. It is the fifth franchise after the original Jersey Shore, along with Geordie Shore (U.K.), Warsaw Shore (Poland), Gandia Shore (Spain) and Acapulco Shore (Mexico).