Meet the Guy Who Predicted the World Series Game 7 Extra Innings Win Years Ago

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
World Series Game 7 on Wednesday night.

He also (jokingly) predicted the apocalypse.

Lenn Fraraccio knows he scared the hell out of some people Wednesday night when a tweet he sent back in November 2014 about the 2016 World Series Game 7 and possible impending apocalypse came true, in part. Here it is: 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the married father of two now says his phone has been ringing off the hook, both from media for interviews and also from those who what to know about their future. 

Fraraccio, who is a school supplies salesman, says he has no super powers, he's just a huge baseball fan who took a stab at a future World Series scenario, which he just happen to knock out of the park.

How in the world did you come up with that tweet? 

I am a huge baseball fan, I am a huge Rays fan. I love Joe Maddon and Nov. 4, 2014 is  the day Maddon signed with the Chicago Cubs. And I am sitting there bummed because he left our team for greener pastures, and I knew that he is was going to hook up with Theo Epstein, the legendary general manager of the Cubs, who got a ring for Boston. And I just had a feeling that the Cubs were going to be really good, really quick. I am originally from Ohio, so I also follow the Indians a little bit, and I knew they had a great young pitching staff with [Trevor] Bauer and [Danny] Salazar, and [Corey] Kluber was was locked up, so I knew the Indians would be good in the upcoming years, so I just wrote that down. 

And the apocalypse part?

That's the goofy part where you just roll the dice and you put something on Twitter. I have the tendency to flap my gums about stupid predictions about other things, so it's just like me. But the thing that really freaked people out is when the rain started coming down and people thought the world really is going to end. The timing of that was phenomenal. It was right as they were going into extra innings. So, it makes my tweet look that much better. 

Do people think the tweet is a hoax or photoshopped?

There are so many haters coming at me saying it's fake. I have two things to say about that: First, I forgot that I tweeted that. Someone found that tweet and sent it to me after the Indians clinched the World Series, and they were like, "Dude, the Cubs are one win away from making this the greatest tweet ever." Second, the reason it blew up is because yesterday, two Los Angeles sports writers found it and tweeted it out. So there was a buzz all day with the tweet. And then when Rajai Davis hit that home run, my phone exploded. 

So no magical powers then?

In the grand scheme of things, it's stupid Twitter. What does it really matter? In two days you wont remember it, you won't remember my name. So, this is my 15 minutes, and I am doing interviews. 

Did you freak yourself out a little as it was all coming to fruition?

How hard was I rooting for those extra innings to happen?! I wanted the Indians to win because I am originally from Ohio, but Chicago has suffered so long. I am OK that Chicago won. But, I never said who wins, it just stated that it would go extra innings. That's all I was rooting for. 

Have you been contacted by anyone wanting actual physic advice?

So many people on Twitter are direct messaging me. I am trying to get funny responses back. Like, people want to know what they are going to get on their ACT, and I give them a score that's high, or what are they going to be in 10 years, and I say you're going to be a businessperson making all kinds of bank. Just being goofy. I know nothing. I don't have a DeLorean in my garage or anything. 

Speaking of Back to the Future, Do you wish you'd put money on the game?

On Oct. 2, and I can prove this, I had all the matchups correct in the playoffs. And on Oct. 2, I didn't remember that I wrote that tweet. So, I am sure there is some sort of game online where you can put your bracket in. And if I had done that, I would have won every bracket. 

Any parting thoughts? 

Best Game 7 ever.