Meet Lorde and Haim's Stylist

InStyle Warner Bros. Globes After Party - H 2015
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InStyle Warner Bros. Globes After Party - H 2015

At Sunday's Grammys, we'll be looking forward to seeing what Rebecca Grice puts on the Haim girls, who are nominated for Best New Artist.

When Lorde stepped out in her custom-designed Narciso Rodriguez outfit at the Golden Globes, she looked as elegant as ever while still staying true to her signature style. The singer even took to Instagram to share how much she enjoyed the look, writing, "I actually had FUN - wore a badass suit and beautiful jewellery and felt like me." And luckily, the singer has a stylist that understands that making her clients feel comfortable should always come first.

"Ella felt great, and that's what's most important to me," Rebecca Grice, the styling genius behind pulling together that evening's look, tells Pret-a-Reporter. Grice, who refers to Lorde by her birth name like an old friend, has also been responsible for dressing the performer in some killer looks, including her velvet Chanel jumpsuit at the MTV VMAs, that crop top-and-bomber jacket combo for her Billboard cover and all her onstage tour outfits. So how does New York-based Grice usually decide looks for the Grammy winner? "I try to stay really collaborative with everyone and make sure they get cool things. It just kind of depends on the job," notes Grice. "It's a delicate balance, I've found, between sharing."

Not only does she work with Lorde, the stylist also dresses the Haim girls, whom she'll be styling for this Sunday's Grammys Awards. It was actually through Haim (nominated for Best New Artist) that Grice met Lorde, who then introduced her to Jaime King.


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But before Grice established herself as one of music's go-to style gurus, she actually began her career at a fashion publication, first as an intern and then a full-time staffer in the features department, when she moved to New York at age 22. When she realized writing wasn’t her cup of tea, Grice began freelancing and discovered her love for styling, which led her to work with Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna's stylist.

Says Grice: "We went on this wild Rihanna ride and from there, I learned so much from Ri and Mel — from music videos to press junkets, and everything in between. And now, here I am." Indeed, here she is now running her own show and "working with real girls that are so talented. It's so insane and inspiring. I'm so lucky," she adds.

As for what she's learned through past experiences, Grice shares, "If you work hard and understand your clients, everything just comes together. As long as you trust you're doing your best and putting out the best energy you can and you stay positive and you grind — normally that's the recipe for success."