Meet Hollywood's Most In-Demand 8-Year-Old Actress

Sterling Jerins

With roles in Owen Wilson's "The Coup" and Brad Pitt's “World War Z,” Sterling Jerins is about to break out.

This story first appeared in the Dec. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Forget Channing Tatum or Anne Hathaway. The most in-demand actor in town might be Sterling Jerins.

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The 8-year-old has landed three major gigs: She will co-star as the daughter of Owen Wilson and Michelle Monaghan in The Coup, an indie action thriller from director John Erick Dowdle about a family that moves to Cambodia; she plays Brad Pitt's daughter in Paramount's summer 2013 zombie-apocalypse tentpole World War Z; and she'll appear as the daughter of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring, New Line's supernatural thriller directed by James Wan (Insidious).

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Acting does run in the New York native's family -- Mom performed in experimental theater, and older sister Ruby plays Edie Falco's oldest daughter on Nurse Jackie -- but the key to Jerins' success, says manager Liz York, is "this vulnerability that is beyond even most adult actors."