Meet the Other Tom Brady, Michael Chiklis' Dog

Getty Images; Michael Chiklis
Tom Brady and Michael Chiklis' pug, also named Tom Brady

Friend to Brady, Michael Chiklis named his pug after the Patriots quarterback.

Going into Super Bowl LI, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have Patriots Nation on his side. He'll also have Hollywood heavyweights Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, Chris Evans and others championing him in the hopes that the Patriots will snag their fifth Super Bowl win. 

While he'll have many rooting him on, there are other football fanatics who give the quarterback flak daily, and will be rooting against him, hoping Matt Ryan and the Falcons will destroy the Patriots. 

Whether you love or hate Brady, there's another Tom Brady you'll have to be a fan of. Meet actor Michael Chiklis' 1-year-old pug with the same name. And that's not all the pug and the famed quarterback have in common.

Chiklis tells The Hollywood Reporter, "When TB pug wants to do his business he will scratch at the door until it opens! My friend TB12, aka the GOAT, has that same laser focus. He'll scratch and claw till he gets it done!" So will the pug be barking his way to Houston? Chiklis reveals whether he's bringing his dog to game day and what the real Tom Brady thinks of his pet.

What is it about the Patriots that makes you such a fan?

They've always been my team. Regarding the Patriots of the Tom Brady, Bill Belichick era, it's impossible not to admire them. Even if you're a fan of a rival, this Patriots team and coaching staff are undeniably the greatest dynasty in the history of the sport. If you can't recognize that fact, perhaps a little introspection is in order. Much as I hate to admit it, the Yankees hold that distinction in baseball, and my beloved Red Sox have a lot of championships to win and records to break in order to change that fact. Hate them all you want, root against them all day and twice on Sunday, but let's be honest about this — the Pats are the best ever.

Will you be in Houston this year for the Super Bowl?

Yes! My wife, Michelle, and I will be there for the weekend, and we can’t wait! It’s always so fun to go to the parties and concerts, culminating with the “big show.” The Super Bowl really is an incredible spectacle and super-fun atmosphere that brings a lot of people together who otherwise might never interact. We need lots of that right now.

Your dog is named Tom Brady. How similar is he to the real Brady?

[It's] his single-minded focus. When TB pug wants to go outside to do his business he will scratch at the door until it opens! My friend TB12 — aka the GOAT, greatest of all time — has that same laser focus as well. He’ll scratch and claw till he gets it done! (Laughs.)

Does Brady know you named your dog after him?

Yup. He loves TB pug.

Will he be going to Houston with you?

Nah ... logistical nightmare!

What are the differences between Patriots fans and Falcons fans? Who will have the most fandom on game day?

I have no idea. The Falcons are no joke, and it looks like their fans are pretty hard-core as well, so in the "Belichickian" spirit, I will talk no smack about their team or fans.

Tom Brady receives a lot of flak. What do you say to those rooting against him?

Tom Brady needs no defending. He's the GOAT and he's made that abundantly clear through his actions year after year. Stats don't lie. What's more is his dignity in the face of all that hate. Have you ever heard Tom Brady disparage another player, coach, reporter, person — no matter what they may have said about him? No, you haven't. And you never will. Brady does his talking on the field.

What are you looking forward to most from this year's halftime show?

Gaga, of course! She’s such a giant talent, and it will be a blast to see her live for the first time!

If the Patriots win this year how do you plan on celebrating?

I'm too superstitious! Ask me that Sunday night if things go well!

Is your cat named Matt Ryan? If the Patriots win will you name your pet bird Bill Belichick? What are your Super Bowl 51 plans? Who are you rooting for on Sunday? Sound off in the comments section below.