'Meeting Evil' Trailer: Luke Wilson Meets a Sinister Samuel L. Jackson (Video)

An intense preview clip is released for the novel-based thriller directed by Chris Fisher.

Viewers can get a first look at Chris Fisher's upcoming crime thriller Meeting Evil, which pairs Samuel L. Jackson with Luke Wilson, in the newly released trailer.

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Recently fired realtor and suburban dad John Fleton (Wilson) suffers from depression and vulnerability, sucking him into a vortex of nightmarish events, sending his life spiraling down a dangerous -- and possibly fatal -- path after he offers to help a man with his car. Jackson's character is revealed as the "evil" that John is about to meet.

As the trailer puts it: “When a man loses everything, he is vulnerable to temptation.”

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The film, which is based on the novel by Thomas Berger, also stars a serious Leslie Bibb (ABC's GCB) as John’s wife.

Jackson’s sinister character, a symbol of evil, dons a black hat through the entire trailer (and maybe the entire movie). The mysterious black hat often signifies a villain, dating back to western films. One exception, of course, is detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson, who wore black hats to represent a mysterious good guy effect.

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As the trailer ends, viewers are left with the deliberate and deep tone of Jackson’s voice as he slowly says, “The world is evil, John."

Meeting Evil will be made available on demand on March 30 ahead of a theatrical release on May 4. The film opens alongside Marvel’s The Avengers, in which Jackson also stars.