Megadeth Frontman: Obama 'Staged' 'Dark Knight' Shooting (Video)

Dave Mustaine - 2012 P

Dave Mustaine says the Colorado massacre was part of the president’s anti-gun agenda.

It’s no easy task, but Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has managed to take anti-Obama rhetoric to new heights.

The rocker alleged that last month’s shooting in Aurora, Colo., was staged by President Barack Obama as part of a sweeping anti-gun agenda. Speaking at an Aug. 7 concert at Fort Canning in Singapore, Mustaine also connected other shootings to the president’s supposed plans.

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“[Obama]’s trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border; [the massacre in] Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there; and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple,” Mustaine said at the concert, video of which surfaced Wednesday at

Mustaine has also spoken out against Obama in recent interviews. Earlier this month, he told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones he was “disgusted” with Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans. He also questioned Obama’s American citizenship.  

“Why hasn't somebody moved to impeach this man?" Mustaine said. "With all of the proof about his birth certificate being fake. And you see the signs in Kenya that say 'the birthplace of Barack Obama.' Hello?! C'mon, guys. How stupid are we right now?"

In reality, Obama has not moved to restrict Second Amendment rights since taking office, and in the wake of the Colorado massacre, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reaffirmed the president’s support of gun rights. However, Second Amendment advocates, such as leaders of the National Rifle Association, have seized upon anti-gun comments Obama made before assuming office as evidence the president secretly desires to dismantle gun rights -- and would do so should he win a second term.

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Mustaine is not the first to connect Obama to the Aurora shooting, in which 12 people were killed and 58 were injured at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Last month, a libertarian group in Ohio commissioned a billboard juxtaposing pictures of Obama and suspected shooter James Holmes, asking why people freaked out when Holmes killed 12 people in a theater, but the president was given the Nobel Peace Prize after killing thousands with his foreign policy. 

Watch video of Mustaine's comments (starting at the 2:38 mark) below, but note it contains explicit language.