Megan Amram Did Not Win an Emmy for 'An Emmy for Megan'

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Although the 'Good Place' writer's dream to win an Emmy was deferred once again Sunday evening, that's no reason to not publish the story prepped in case she did win!

Note: In the run-up to awards shows, in order to save time, writers prep drafts for certain categories so when winners are announced, all that's needed is to designate who won, add a line or two from the acceptance speech and hit publish. Sometimes, however, drafts are only prepped for certain outcomes, and if that outcome doesn't occur the draft languishes in CMS purgatory forever! Due to Megan Amram's shortform series An Emmy for Megan not winning an Emmy for Megan two years in a row, my drafts for An Emmy for Megan winning an Emmy for Megan have likewise gone to waste two years in a row. This year, Amram — confident that the TV Academy could not deny An Emmy for Megan an Emmy for Meg again — agreed to an "exclusive post-ceremony" interview that was conducted pre-ceremony. With permission from Megan, my editors have agreed to let me publish the draft with changes [in brackets] reflecting the fact that An Emmy for Megan did not win an Emmy.

Megan Amram has [not] done it! She has [not] won an Emmy for her shortform web series, An Emmy for Megan.

For two seasons the mockumentary-style series, which Amram — a writer on NBC's The Good Place who in May inked an overall deal with Universal TV — wrote, directed and starred in, has chronicled the efforts of a lightly fictionalized version of Amram to write, direct and star in a series that will earn her "one-fourth of an EGOT."

The first season was nominated for two Emmys — best shortform comedy or drama and best actress in a shortform comedy or drama for Amram (the latter being the specific target Emmy referenced in the show's title) — but neither resulted in a win. The loss prompted some soul-searching on Amram's part and the determination that next year she would not allow herself to be out-acted or -promoted.

An Emmy for Megan season two was released May 6, and Amram has been in campaign mode ever since, paying out of pocket for billboards, and replacing last year's tired lawn signs with new, hot sky signs.

The second season was again nominated for outstanding shortform series, but it was co-star Patton Oswalt — not Amram — who scored the series' second nomination: for best actor in a shortform series. In an Aug. 16 guest column for THR, Amram called her lack of back-to-back best actress noms a metaphorical, and literal, slap in the face.

Minutes after [not] winning an Emmy for An Emmy for Megan, an emotional [specifically, sad emotional because she did not win] Megan spoke to THR about her bittersweet [not] win. 

People often speak of the "sweet smell of victory," but that lacks specificity. What are you smelling right now?

There's no way most normal people would know this, but after you win, they cover your Emmy statue in whatever liquid you want, free of charge! So mine [hypothetically] smells like the bow-tie pasta madeira from The Cheesecake Factory. The Grove one. The sauces are a little different depending on which Cheesecake Factory location you go to, so you have to make sure you ask for the correct sauce for your Emmy.

When you started this quest to win an Emmy for Megan, you actually wanted to win a specific Emmy — best actress in a shortform comedy or drama. You did not win that Emmy, but you, Megan, have indeed [not] won an Emmy. Is this outcome satisfactory?

Absolutely not. I mean, it's a trophy, I guess that's pretty cool. I can [hypothetically] sell it and buy a skateboard or something. But it really stings to have your acting dreams shoved back in your face. That's why I wore black to the Emmys — I am in mourning for my acting career.

In your THR guest column you described the lack of an actress nom as a metaphorical but also a literal slap in the face. Does this [not] win for series salve that wound somewhat?

I guess this trophy will just [hypothetically] distract me from my loss. I'll put it somewhere on the floor in my house where I'll keep tripping on it. Maybe all the pain and inconvenience and injury of tripping all the time and having to get blood transfusions will distract me from thinking about how no one likes me as an actress.

You recently signed an overall deal with Universal TV. If you elect to do a third season, is there a chance An Emmy for Megan could become a half-hour or even an hourlong? Seems like a natural fit as a lead-in to This Is Us.

That's a really great idea. I will reboot This Is Us as an An Emmy for Megan vehicle called This Am Meg and I will play every role, including the crock pot.

Note: The next two questions were alternates, with only one to be published depending on what happened with Patton. Now both can be published because they are equally not reflective of reality!

You [not] won an Emmy but Patton [also] did not. Have you spoken to him? How did he take your gloating and taunts?

I am just glad someone finally understands what it's like to lose a shortform acting Emmy like I did last year. If anything, I think this will bring me and Patton closer together as friends. I plan on getting his name tattooed on my person and I don't doubt he'll do the same for me.

Patton [not] won an Emmy as well. I have to imagine this is somewhat of a worst-case scenario, as it pulls some of the focus away from your own big night. Do you think you'll be able to forgive him, in time?

I don't know. What kind of a friend [not] wins an Emmy the exact same night that you do? It's like wearing a white dress to your friend's wedding, which is also something Patton does all the time.

What's next for you, awards-wise? Before, you discussed abandoning a quest for an EGOT due to certain obstacles, but surely after this incredible windmill dunk on your haters [but in a game your haters eventually won] you must have reconsidered?

The fact that it only took me two years to [not] get an "E" means that I was right initially, I am awesome and I am back on the hot pursuit of the 'GOT. Tomorrow, I'll hold a Twitter poll of which award I should win next, and I'll start my new goal in earnest.

Note: Following her loss, Amram, unbent and unbroken, tweeted, "FUCK NOW I HAVE TO HAVE MAKE A SEASON THREE," clarifying that she would keep pursuing the E.