Megan Fox And Mike Tyson Get Their Own Islands In New Commercial (Video)

Megan Fox Commercial - H 2012

Megan Fox Commercial - H 2012

It remains to be seen if this ad will translate to more students eager to learn English in South America.

Transformers star Megan Fox and former champ boxer and star of The Hangover Mike Tyson are just about the unlikeliest celebrities we could imagine costarring in a new commercial advertising -- wait for it -- a South American English language school.

In the new CCAA commercial,  two teenagers crawl out of the ocean after their plane crashes. Spotting Fox -- and a horde of scantily clad Foxette clones wearing prehistoric faux fur, sexy cave girl crochet bikini tops, straw skirts, fur shawls and beaded jewelry -- the boys think they've landed in paradise. Not so fast.  Fox and her clones can't  understand a word of Spanish and get really annoyed.

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As punishment for not being bi-lingual, Fox and her replicas banish the boys off her island, which was a beach in Oxnard, California. She sends them off to a neighboring island after rudely capturing them in a net. 

The shipwrecked lads land on a much less appealing vaca spot. There they are welcomed by former boxer, Tyson, and his heavyweight clones, who shout ‘Welcome to Mike Tyson Island!’ and proceed to beat the living day lights out of the boys.

Will this ad make Spanish-speaking youngsters want to learn English? Probably. But we can't help but think that if Fox's costumes had been made out of real fur -- like Carol Barshop's fox fur merkins -- and attracted the attention of PETA,  the commercial would have gotten much more play.