SAG Awards: Megan Mullally Celebrates Inclusive Casting, Female-Led Films in Monologue

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The comedian made her hosting debut during Sunday night's show.

Megan Mullally celebrated some of the entertainment industry's recent accomplishments while hosting Sunday night's SAG Awards. 

During her opening monologue, the comedian was quick to mention the things Hollywood managed to get "right" in 2018. 

"They cast black people in Black Panther, so that was good. Asian people in Crazy Rich Asians and a green book in Green Book," she said. Of Green Book, she also quipped: "You know there was some executive saying, 'Could the book be white?'" After the audience erupted into laughter, Mullally added: "That was my fave joke."

Mullally also addressed the various female leading roles nominated, including Glenn Close, Melissa McCarthy and Emma Stone. 

"Roles for women continued to break new ground. Glenn Close played a wife so that's new. Melissa McCarthy portrayed a woman who repeatedly apologizes and asks our forgiveness. I was like, 'What?! This is groundbreaking!'" Mullally joked as McCarthy laughed.

Mullally also poked fun at married couple and A Quiet Place stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. "Emily Blunt played a nanny, and played a mom that wasn't allowed to speak. I mean so great to not have to learn any lines, am I right? That was really, really thoughtful of you, John!" 

Mullally also joked that Gaga has been doing her eyeliner "for the last 15 years" and offered her "condolences" to Stone for turning 30. "You had a great run. We're looking forward to your reverse mortgage commercials." 

Later on in the night, Mullally paid homage to her Will & Grace character, with Charles C. Stevenson Jr. making an appearance to portray his role as bartender Smitty. 

Serving Mullally a drink, Stevenson asked whether she was still on to meet after the show, to which she replied: "I mean sure I’m hosting an award show tonight and I’m beyond wonderful. But tomorrow it will be a fleeting memory."

Her memorable moments from the night that will be forgotten include: "Chris Pine flirting with me", "Keri Russell inviting me to boot camp" and  "Michael Douglas trying to sell his timeshare." 

Mullally then broke out into song to which Stevenson then quipped, "Oh no, not again."

Earlier this month, the comedian told The Hollywood Reporter that for her hosting debut she was focused on "setting the right tone" because she has a love for actors. 

The 25th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards was simulcast live on TNT and TBS from the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles.