Meghan Trainor Can't Stop Laughing After Falling on 'The Tonight Show'

Meghan Trainor - Me Too -Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Trainor laughed it off with Jimmy Fallon after performing "Me Too."

Meghan Trainor just had to laugh. She'd just pulled off a high-energy performance of her new single "Me Too" on The Tonight Show. Wearing a body-hugging sparkly blue dress and glittery high heels, she shook it for the camera, worked the stage while singing her face off into a bedazzled microphone and led the band in a big rock 'n' roll finish.

It was great. Until right at the end there, when she took a bad step as the song was coming to a raucous close and crashed to the ground while trying to grab the mic stand to regain her balance. Never one to fake the funk, Trainor took it like a champ, laying flat out on the floor and laughing at herself while host Jimmy Fallon rushed over to see if she was okay.

Still giggling about the slip-up, Trainor stayed on her back with a big smile, so Fallon joined her, laying down next to the "NO" singer and laughing along with her.

"Of every single dance move, grabbing the mic is the toughest," Fallon said. "Standing ovation for Meghan Trainor, everybody!"

The audience complied as Fallon helped Trainor back to her feet and she saluted and smiled.


Might have fell down... but I KILLLED that shit hahaha #keepinitreal thank you @fallontonight for having me #metoo

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She had a good laugh about it with her Twitter followers.