Megyn Kelly Poses Tough Questions to Jeb Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, Brian Williams and Others

Megyn Kelly and Caitlyn Henner Screen Shot - H 2016
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"How can we trust you to run the government when you can't even run a successful campaign?" the Fox News host asked of the Republican presidential candidate.

Megyn Kelly showed off her interviewing skills in a behind-the-scenes video that was part of her Vanity Fair cover story.

The publication asked her to quickly think of tough questions for 12 different politicians and celebrities, lobbing names at her as she came up with probing queries on the spot. The Fox News host was asked to come up with questions for Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Marco Rubio, Caitlyn Jenner, Brian Williams, Pope Francis, Kim Kardashian West, Josh Duggar and Hillary Clinton.

Kelly didn't hold back when coming up with her questions. "How can we trust you to run the government when you can't even run a successful campaign?" Kelly said when Jeb Bush's name came up.

She said she would ask Rubio about misleading the nation, Obama about what happened to unifying the country, George W. Bush about government spending during his administration, Kardashian West about how healthy marketing it is to market her sex appeal and Clinton about Benghazi.

Her question for Jenner was about problems she had before undergoing her transition: "Has the transition solved them, or do you feel that you've adopted more problems having gone through this process and put yourself out there so publicly?" said Kelly.

For Brian Williams, Kelly said, "Why should the American people trust you to cover politics and the presidential race in the news every day, day in and day out, when you mislead them so many times?"

Watch her deliver her questions below.