Megyn Kelly Says It Wasn't Easy Holding Her Tongue During Donald Trump Attacks

Megyn Kelly - H 2016
Fox News

"I just always felt that taking the high road was the better course," the Fox News host says.

Megyn Kelly is glad that Donald Trump is done lashing out at her, for now. But it was not easy for the Fox News personality to keep quiet while being bombarded with insults from the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. 

In an interview with Time magazine published online Thursday, Kelly said her recent sit-down with Trump went well, and the billionaire businessman will be appearing on a primetime special with her airing May 17 on the Fox broadcasting network. 

Kelly was on the receiving end of relentless attacks by Trump following the first Fox News debate, at which he felt he was slighted by the then co-moderator. With her first question to him, Kelly asked Trump about his previous sexist statements regarding women.

"At times, it was hard not to say anything, not to, quote, fight back — in particular for my husband. He's a writer. He would have loved to have penned an op-ed here or there," Kelly told Time. "I just always felt that taking the high road was the better course. I'm a journalist covering this race. I always wanted to continue covering this race. I never wanted to be baited into doing something that would give him the fodder to jeopardize my fairness and my objectivity."

In their recent meeting, Trump was very nice but never apologized, Kelly said — not that it was expected, she added.

Kelly gave great thought to the repercussions of hitting Trump back during the past few months, she said. 

"If I came out there and started fighting Trump, he would have just turned around and said, 'She can't be fair,' right? At times, I think it drove him nuts that I wasn't responding. But that was clearly the right course to pursue," she said. "So, sure, there were moments when my character was attacked or my honesty was attacked, where I had to hold my tongue. But I think, all along, people who have been paying attention, they knew what to make of certain comments. I had faith in that."