Megyn Kelly on Dream Interview With Hillary Clinton: "There's a Lot to Cover" (Video)

The Fox News host, speaking at The Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media party, shared what she'd ask the potential presidential candidate and shows off a brief Donald Trump impression.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly, one of The Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media, told THR in this week's issue that her dream interview would be with Hillary Clinton. Kelly picked the potential Democratic presidential candidate over such popular, hard-to-get choices as Pope Francis and Kim Jong Un, telling THR, "I respect her accomplishments. I see the glass ceiling that she shattered. So it would not be some slugfest, but it would not be any thrill up the leg, either.”

Speaking to THR at Wednesday night's party to celebrate this year's list, Kelly delved further into what she'd ask Clinton, saying she'd want to talk to the former Secretary of State even if Clinton doesn't make her much-expected bid for the White House.

"There's a lot to cover with her … I want to talk to her about a lot of things," she said. "And I want to ask her about gender, for one thing. For example, what does she think: Is it time to have a female president, and does it have to be her, and how important is it to her to see a woman get into the White House, irrespective of party?"

Kelly also had another very specific question pertaining to Clinton's personal-email scandal, saying she'd ask her, "Who exactly secured that server, and who made sure it stayed safe over the years it was sitting in your basement in Chappaqua?"

Kelly also shared her pick for the most powerful person in New York: Mayor Bill de Blasio. But she suspected Donald Trump thinks otherwise.

"I have a feeling he's somewhere, someplace, he just got a shiver down his spine and said, 'Kelly, you know the answer! You're fired.' "