Megyn Kelly on Matt Lauer: "I Had Heard Rumors"

The NBC News host also said she knew that stories about Charlie Rose's conduct were coming.

On an industry panel Wednesday morning — a few hours after the surprise termination of Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly's Today show colleague — Kelly said she had no official knowledge about the accusations against Lauer. But she suggested that it wasn't completely out of left field.

"I had heard rumors about Matt, but that's all they were," she said at Business Insider's Ignition conference. "And my feeling on it is a rumor is not the same thing as a reportable fact. And it was also that I hear a lot of rumors about myself, too, that are completely untrue, and when you're a public figure people do make up things about you and put them in print."

Kelly, who also opened Megyn Kelly Today on Wednesday by reporting on the news, said she knew people were "sniffing around the issue," but said she had hoped that the allegations against Lauer weren't true. 

She also said she would not have been surprised if "none of that materialized" and Lauer was able to continue his role on the show for as long as he wanted.

Kelly said that, thanks to the issues she covers and her connections in the industry, she knew that a story about Charlie Rose's misdeeds was coming. 

Addressing the larger story about women coming forward and accusing powerful people of mistreatment, Kelly said the culture is "changing meaningfully by the moment, thanks to the women who are finding the courage."