Megyn Kelly Says Bill O'Reilly Should Have Defended Her More Against Donald Trump

Courtesy of Peter Hapak/MORE Magazine
Megyn Kelly

"I was not looking forward to going out on that stage and dealing with Trump if he was going to attack me," she told More magazine.

The peace between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly was very short-lived. 

The GOP presidential frontrunner is once again taking swings at the Fox News host over social media, while Kelly is sharing insight into what it's like to be in Trump's crosshairs for months on end.  

In a recent interview with More magazine — the final issue of the New York-based publication  Kelly called out Fox News colleague Bill O'Reilly for not having her back to the degree that she would have had his if the tables were turned.  

“I do wish that O’Reilly had defended me more in his interview with Trump,” Kelly told More. “I would have defended him more.”

The interview she was referencing occurred when O’Reilly spoke with Trump following his announcement that he would skip the second Fox News debate. O’Reilly, in a good-natured manner, tried to persuade Trump to change his mind. 

The billionaire businessman made the decision to skip that debate after he claimed he was being targeted by Kelly during the first network debate. At that event, Kelly, right off the bat, asked Trump about sexist comments he made in the past. 

In the days following the first debate, Trump hammered away at Kelly in interviews and over social media, which all culminated in him skipping the second debate when Trump said he was insulted by the network after he demanded Kelly be dropped as moderator. 

Since that time, Trump backed off somewhat and was polite to Kelly during the recent third Fox News debate. However, his criticisms ramped up once more after that event when he claimed Kelly regularly had people on her show, The Kelly File, disparaging him and lying about his poll numbers and debate performances.

Kelly told More she appreciates that Fox News “did not cave” before the second debate. She also elaborated on the toll the Trump bombardment took on her. 

“Honestly? People think I’m fearless. But I’m human," she told the magazine. "I was not looking forward to going out on that stage and dealing with Trump if he was going to attack me. I felt the pressure of that and the stress of that. But I also knew I would walk through that fear and I would go out there and I would handle it. I can muster up the courage in the difficult situations to get me through."

It appears Trump also read the More interview and responded to Kelly's comments over Twitter early Thursday. 

The final issue of More with the full profile of Kelly will hit newsstands March 22.