'Megyn Kelly Today' Writer Fired After Reporting "Toxic" Work Environment

Courtesy of NBC
Megyn Kelly

"Jackie and Christine are being attacked unfairly," said an NBC News spokesperson of the show's executives.

NBC is defending itself against claims from a former writer that executives on Megyn Kelly Today were "abusive" to staffers.

On Thursday, The Daily Mail published an email penned by former Megyn Kelly Today writer Kevin Bleyer and sent to colleagues after he was let go from NBC News this week. In the message, Bleyer forwards an email he says he sent to NBC News HR, which lists complaints he had with co-executive producers Jackie Levin and Christine Cataldi, before he was fired. Bleyer did not say whether Kelly herself was aware of the alleged work environment.

In response, an NBC News spokesperson said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, "Jackie and Christine are being attacked unfairly. They are both excellent and experienced producers, and have the full support of everyone here. They, and the team, are fully focused on continuing the show’s momentum as it continues to climb in the ratings." 

Among the grievances Bleyer lists in his email are that the co-executive producers created a "toxic and demeaning environment" for employees, Cataldi frequently called her assistant an "idiot," Levin called him "a fucking whiner" and Levin used NBC resources to edit a video for her son's college singing group."

A source with knowledge of the situation added that the writer had a clear ax to grind, considering the grievances as "distorted complaints" and examples of the complaints that women in management see "all too often."