Megyn Kelly Responds to Donald Trump's Tweet Comparing His Wife to Heidi Cruz

Megyn Kelly - H 2015
Matt Furman


In a rare move, Fox News host Megyn Kelly has directly responded to something Donald Trump has shared over Twitter. 

While the retweet from the GOP presidential frontrunner did not directly involve Kelly — for a change — it was criticized as being sexist. Sexism had been the subject of one of the questions Kelly put to Trump during the first network debate that enraged him. 

On Wednesday night, Trump retweeted a meme that used a glamorous picture of his wife, Melania, a former model, in comparison with an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi. The meme said: "No need to 'spill the beans.' The images are worth a thousand words." 

The reference is to the most recent feud between Trump and Cruz, which started Tuesday night, when Trump threatened to "spill the beans" about Heidi after he accused the Texas senator of using a semi-nude picture of his wife in an attack ad aimed at Mormon voters in Utah. 

Kelly responded to the Trump retweet Thursday morning with one word: "Seriously?" 

The Kelly File host has been in the crosshairs of the billionaire GOP frontrunner since the first Fox News debate, when she asked him about previous disparaging statements he had made about women. Since then, there have been a barrage of negative comments from Trump about Kelly. 

The network finally had enough of Trump's comments and issued a statement last week that said, in part, that Trump's "vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land."

Trump has accused Kelly of constantly running "hit pieces" about him on her show.