Mel B Gets Revenge on Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent'

Mel B and Simon Cowell on NBC's 'America's Got Talent'

A week after she stormed off the set following Cowell's quip about her wedding night, Mel B got the opportunity to stab her fellow judge as part of an illusion.

Revenge is a dish best served with a cold knife to the chest. At least that's what Mel B was likely thinking Tuesday night on NBC's America's Got Talent when she got roped into mentalist Colin Cloud's overly elaborate bit that promised to end with fellow judge, and frequent tormentor, Simon Cowell's "death."

You might recall that Cowell got a glass of water to the face on last week's show when he made a snide comment about Mel's ongoing rough divorce from her estranged husband, which resulted in her temporarily walking off the set.

Cloud appeared to be the one to set things right when he opened his performance by exclaiming that he was going to solve the "murder of Simon Cowell ... right before it happened. So Mel, this is your chance to get some revenge," he said to the former Spice Girls singer, whom he invited up onto the stage to stand behind Cowell. As the unnecessarily complicated illusion unfolded, a seemingly random audience member chose from a collection of four knives, one of which she handed over to Mel B. (In case you were wondering, the woman wanted to kill Cowell because he allegedly stole her collection of Justin Bieber CDs.)

With a look of glee on her face, Mel B gladly followed Cloud's instructions to "plunge that knife into Simon Cowell's chest," giddily stabbing at her fellow judge's torso repeatedly before Cloud brought the trick to a close with a shocking reveal. Spoiler alert: Cowell didn't die.

Watch his reaction below around the five-minute mark.

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