Mel Brooks Cut Just One Joke From 'Blazing Saddles' for Being Too Racy

Blazing Saddles - PHOTOFEST - H 2017
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"When I saw it, I got scared," Brooks once recalled of the line in question.

Mel Brooks' iconic Western parody Blazing Saddles broke ground with its no-holds-barred approach to comedy, but there was still one joke that went too far and was ultimately left on the cutting room floor. 

In an interview Brooks gave in 2012 to late-night host Conan O'Brien, the living legend said he just had a bad feeling about one line, so he pulled it. 

"When I saw it, I got scared, " Brooks told O'Brien. 

The joke occurred when Sheriff Bart, played by Cleavon Little, goes to visit Lili von Shtupp, played by Madeline Kahn, in her dressing room, and she puts the moves on the duly appointed sheriff of Rock Ridge. 

Brooks lays it out: "She blows out the candles, and she says in her German accent, 'Is it true what they say about you people?' And Cleavon says, 'I hate to disillusion you, ma'am, but you're sucking on my arm.'" 

Brooks turned 91 on Wednesday. 

See his remarks on the joke and the scene below: