Mel Gibson of 'Hacksaw Ridge': "I Like Telling Stories Where No One Says Anything" | Director Oscar Roundtable

On actor Andrew Garfield: "This kid is amazing. He speaks volumes without words, and you can see his soul through his eyeballs."

"I thought [Hacksaw Ridge] was so inspiring," Mel Gibson told The Hollywood Reporter during the Director Oscar Roundtable. "I never actually heard of anyone that was the pinnacle of heroism, and he inspired me."

"I couldn't be like that I don't think, not in a million years," said the two-time Oscar winner. Gibson has a best director and best picture Oscar for Braveheart. "It gives us all hope, I think, that if we can see someone that behaves like an ordinary man in hideous circumstances, doing extraordinary things it speaks to me, it speaks to my soul, so I think it's a story worth telling.

The conversation switched to Gibson's controversial personal life, to which he responded, "Any experience you have in life enriches your work somehow, good or bad. I developed a lot of things while I had some time off, it was the offseason, you might say. I did a lot of stuff. And it's so good to sort of come back and do what I love doing, just tell stories.

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