Here's a Quick List of Everyday Items Named After Melania Trump in Her Hometown

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Melania Trump

A Melania Trump salami? Why not?

Slovenia's list of notable exports — among them sausages, cars and steel — were blown out of the water when their own Melania Trump (nee Knauss) hitched a ride to the White House on the coattails of her husband's ill-fitting suits. 

Now, President Donald Trump's wife is a point of pride for the people of her hometown in Sevnica, Slovenia, population 5,000. While Melania is a bit of an enigma in modern American culture (Should we empathize with her? Applaud her hand-slapping ways? Criticize her complicity in the Trump presidency?), she is no doubt a national hero in Sevnica. 

And how does one glorify the model turned U.S. first lady in a small Eastern European town? By naming desserts after her, of course. And house slippers. And honey. 

In a photo essay for The Washington Post's photography column, "In Sight," photographer Matic Zorman explored post-American election Sevnica. Here's a brief list of items he found that were named after the first lady: 

1. Melania Trump cake
2."First Lady" apple pie
3. Melania Trump honey
4. Melania Trump slippers
5. Melania Trump fast-food packets
6."First Lady" Salami

We'll take some First Lady Salami, thanks. 

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