Melania Trump Speech Controversy Isn't Enough to Boost RNC Chatter on Twitter

Melania Trump RNC Speech 3 - Getty - H 2016
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Melania Trump RNC Speech 3 - Getty - H 2016

The four-day event is averaging below the number of tweets seen for the top Republican debates.

It may have seemed like everyone on Twitter was talking about Melania Trump on Monday night after allegations spread that she plagiarized her Republican National Convention speech. But only a small percentage of Twitter was buzzing about the moment. 

Just as ratings for the RNC have been soft, so, too, has the social conversation. The four-day event has peaked, so far, with 1.6 million tweets sent on both Monday and Wednesday night, according to the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings. On Monday, 449,000 people authored tweets about the event, the most of any night. The number of tweets sent slid to 1.05 million from 325,000 people on Tuesday.  

The Republican debates consistently generated more Twitter conversation than the RNC has so far. The most-tweeted debate for the GOP was CNN's September broadcast, which generated 2.5 million tweets. The cable net's December debate sparked nearly 2.4 million tweets and Fox's March event had 2.3 million tweets. 

Compared to other major televised events, like the Super Bowl or the Oscars, the RNC generates much less online interest. By comparison, there were 16.9 million tweets about the Super Bowl, while the Oscars resulted in 24.2 million tweets.

Still, the RNC generated more conversation on Twitter than other programming this week. America's Got Talent on NBC came in second on Wednesday night's Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings with 267,000 tweets. USA's Mr. Robot, meanwhile, was No. 4 for the night with 20,000 tweets. 

Thus far, the highlight of the RNC was Ted Cruz's Wednesday night speech, which topped all three days by generating 10,600 tweets at 6:58 p.m. Melania Trump's Monday night speech was the most-tweeted moment of Monday night with 9,000 tweets per minute and Ben Carson's moment in the spotlight on Tuesday topped the night with 5,900 tweets per minute. But Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has 9.97 million followers on the social media site, is sure to tip the conversation in his favor when he speaks on Thursday night.