Melissa Gilbert Recounts "Demeaning" Oliver Stone Audition

Courtesy of Megyn Kelly TODAY

The actress, speaking with Megyn Kelly on her eponymous 9 o'clock hour of the 'Today' show, called for the establishment of a commission or entity beyond the unions, studios and networks.

Actress Melissa Gilbert recounted her experience auditioning for Oliver Stone, when, she claims, he sexually harassed her, during an interview on Megyn Kelly Today on Monday.

“I read the script and he asked me to do a scene that he had just written and it was really sexual, very graphic scene,” Gilbert recalled. Adding, “The casting woman had left the room. I was alone with him and an actor and he asked me not only to read it, but stage it. To get down on my hands and knees and deliver this really horrendous dialogue. It was really sprung on me and I started to cry. He said, ‘Good that will make it better’ and I left.”

The director spoke out against the Little House on the Prairie star’s narrative of her audition for his film The Doors, arguing that the scene was “made clear from the outset” and that it was established that the film was going to be a “raunchy, no-holds-barred, rock 'n' roll movie.” He also argued that his casting director Risa Bramon Garcia was present during auditions.

Garcia supported Stone and confirmed his statements to be true. “That was shocking to me, because either she’s lying or her memory is off,” Gilbert said of Garcia. “She was not in the room with me for this.”

Aware that hers is another addition to the many sexual harassment stories coming out, Gilbert talked about what she thought could be done to help prevent future instances of alleged misconduct.

“Every day, someone has another story in some way. It’s not just us. It’s all across the country and the world. So, now the question is what are we going to do about it? I think, because the focus is on Hollywood and on the entertainment industry in general, it starts here," she said. "It starts with some sort of commission that we create to create the boundaries and the rules and what they are now and create the safe place where people can come to report and get justice. Then we change the laws to protect the victims and not the perpetrators." 

She continued: “What we need to do is create this entity that is beyond unions and beyond the studios and beyond the networks that people like you, like me, like everybody that works for these entities can come to where they can get justice and help and be heard. We need to set what these rules are."

Gilbert argued that actors and actresses should never visit a producer’s hotel room unaccompanied and there should always be “someone else in the room” when auditioning for something with sexual content.

“Now we have to take action. I don’t want people to become inured to these stories. These stories are coming out, and I don’t want it to become normalized. I want us to coalesce and do something. I am trying to now gather all of us together and try to form some sort of entity." 

Gilbert first spoke out against Stone during an interview with Andy Cohen, where she alleged that Stone sexually harassed her during her audition as a way to “get back at her.” Last month, Stone faced another harassment claim after model and actress Carrie Stevens alleged that Stone groped her at a party.