Melissa Joan Hart Talks 'No Good Nick,' Looks Back at "Iconic" Roles Onscreen

The actress joined The Hollywood Reporter to look back at her career and what viewers can expect in her latest project for Netflix.

For Melissa Joan Hart's latest turn on the small screen, it's Netflix's No Good Nick, a sitcom dramedy unlike her pervious work. 

"It starts off very situational comedy, very traditional family sitcom -- little girl knocks on the door, she becomes our foster daughter and basically she's scamming us the whole time. In reality it's very much dramedy family mystery," the actress tells The Hollywood Reporter during the latest episode of In Studio

She adds, "It's an interesting show, especially the very first episode seems very typical comedy family, and as the show develops and these layers unfold, you find out what she's doing and that she's actually this anti-hero that, while you're rooting for her, you're also not." 

Hart plays Liz, the at-times blunt matriarch of the family, who with her husband, Ed (Sean Astin), works to adjust to their new life raising three kids after Nick (Siena Agudong) arrives on their doorstep with a backpack full of scams. For Hart, who has shaped television and viewer upbringings through her portrayals of iconic characters like Sabrina Spellman on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Darling on Clarissa Explains It All, this project, along with Melissa and Joey, stands out. 

Jokes Hart, "Sean and I are like the old folks on the set now. It's so funny, 'cause he and I the other day said to each other, 'Is it weird that we're the old ones on set now?' Even among the crew it used to be that we were always the young kids on set."

She adds, "It's so weird still that we're the mature ones leading the way [and] supposed to be the good example."

As for the conversations she's had with the younger talent on the show about her journey onscreen and off, Hart says, "They're really sweet and respect our jobs and careers and the paths we've taken to get here, and they listen. They really take in our experiences in a way that our own kids would never do." 

As for Hart's standout memories from growing up on television along with her audiences, it's something that makes her appreciate both her past roles and future ones. Says the actress, "Everyone wants -- just like every band wants that one hit, but then they hate that one hit and they never want to play that one hit -- every actor wants that one role that's iconic, but then also you play against that the rest of your career. I'm lucky, cause I've had numerous. I get to keep going, so it's nice." 

Watch Hart's full interview above, where she talks about hopes to direct No Good Nick's next season, whether she'd want a cameo in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and more. 

No Good Nick is now streaming on Netflix.