Melissa Leo Apologizes for Dropping F-Bomb at Oscars

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Best Supporting Actress winner also jokes about 94-year-old Kirk Douglas' extended Academy Awards presentation, calling him "an old actor."

The Fighter's Melissa Leo apologized to reporters in the press room for dropping the F-bomb while accepting her best supporting actress win at the 83rd annual Academy Awards Sunday.

"I had no idea. This words… I apologize to anyone that they offended. There's a great deal of the English language that is in my vernacular. I really don't mean to offend and it's probably a very inappropriate place to use that particular word,” she said.

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Leo also discussed her white and gold Marc Bouwer dress, saying that her Fighter character, Alice, "would have liked it."

"That was part of the choosing for it," she said. "She is a manager of her sons and was caught on camera quite a lot at the boxing ring. There was a lot of footage of her in white. I think back in the day that color showed up well on camera."

Leo thanked Kirk Douglas for making a long presentation in the category.

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"He's really funny," she said. "He's an old actor. He was actually doing us all this huge favor. The longer he strung it out, the calmer I got to be. I got to take more than once glance at Amy [Adams], who was just a few rows from me."

As for her "For Your Consideration" ads?

"It was no campaign," she said. "I wanted a pretty photograph in a magazine. That's all it was."