Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Compete in 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert' Cooking Segment

"There's a certain 'testicularity' to this meal," said Colbert as he judged McCarthy's cooking skills on "Smooshed."

On Tuesday night's Late Show, Stephen Colbert invited The Boss' Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone to participate in his own version of a cooking show competition, which he called "Smooshed."

The husband-and-wife duo were pitted against each other, asked to make new dishes using salted crackers, miniature marshmallows, bacon bits and whatever Colbert could find in the break room fridge.

"Time is really flying by, I want the flavors to speak for themselves," said Falcone, as the one minute clock counted down. Meanwhile, McCarthy mixed together peanut butter and bologna before panicking when she realized she hadn't used the required ingredients.

When it was time to judge, Colbert asked Falcone to go first.

"This is just a bacon bit marshmallow saltine with just a bit of pickle for taste," said Falcone, who was complimented for his "immaculate" presentation by Colbert.

"It's both tart and dry at the same time," said Colbert.

McCarthy described her concoction as "a rustic hash [with a] Tuscan influence. I tried to play with crunchy, sweet, savory, and meaty."

"There's a certain 'testicularity' to this meal," said the Late Show host. "There's a vigor that one does not associate with a hash."

Watch to see who won the contest.