'SNL': Melissa McCarthy Doesn’t Hold Back as Host (Video)

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Mary Rozzi

"I'll do anything to keep working with her. When you find someone like her, you don't let them go." – "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig

The Emmy-winning actress doused herself with a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, fell down a flight of stairs and got touchy-feely with both a scarecrow and a co-worker.

It was her first time hosting Saturday Night Live—her “holy grail,” she told Jimmy Fallon last week—and Melissa McCarthy was a natural.

The actress is having a good year; she won her first Emmy award for her leading role on CBS’s Mike and Molly, and Bridesmaids, in which she plays up the gross-factor with SNL cast members past and present, struck box office gold.

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"It's truly her moment," CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler told The Hollywood Reporter for our cover story. Adds Peter Roth, president of Mike & Molly studio Warner Bros. TV, "This is the year of the McCarthy." It's a label he claims is richly deserved, adding: "Everything about her is relatable. You root for her; you want her to win." 

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Below are her top-five laugh-until-you-cry moments Saturday night.

1. Hidden Valley Ranch taste test: With a bad perm and a Spock sweatshirt, McCarthy played up the dowdy-yet-brazen character role she perfected in Bridesmaids. As Linda, McCarthy enthusiastically competes for a $50 gift certificate during a taste test for a new line of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.


2. “The Lawrence Welk Show” parody: McCarthy and Kristen Wiig opened up the show with the always-hilarious parody of “The Lawrence Welk Show.” Wiig’s Junice (tiny hands, big forehead) is joined this time by her sister (McCarthy)—muscled arms, buck teeth and a penchant for scarecrows.


3. Opening monologue: McCarthy has expressed several times while preparing for Saturday night’s show that she was excited to host, and that joy is evident in the genuine speech she gave after the audience's warm welcome. While it was clear the crowd was happy to see her, McCarthy quickly told her children to get to bed: “Mama’s about to get inappropriate.” She then showed off her dancing skills with Wiig.

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4. "The Comments Section" talk show: In this new talk show, internet commenters are invited on to be confronted for their mean-spirited or overly-opinionated comments on videos and stories. McCarthy’s character (username: Da Truf) was known for repeatedly posting her political opinions all over the web.

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5. Arlene, the sexed-up office worker:  McCarthy’s Arlene is not shy about her sexual desires for a co-worker (played by a straight-faced Jason Sudeikis). Hilarity ensues.


Unlike many of the regular cast members, it was evident McCarthy didn't even need the help of cue cards throughout the show. Bottom line: Don’t be surprised if you see her recurring one of these roles on a future episode of Saturday Night Live