Emmys 2012: Melissa McCarthy Grabs Black & Decker Vacuums, Zerona Weight Loss Coupon at Presenters Lounge (Video)

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Emmy presenters were gifted with various very practical swag at the On3 Productions backstage gift lounge

After Emmy presenters including Ginnifer Goodwin, Giancarlo Esposito, Martha Plimpton, Jeremy Davies and Melissa McCarthy finished rehearsing for Sunday's award show, they popped into the On3 Productions special gifting lounge backstage.

There, they checked out an array of freebie items from sponsors including Emergen-C, New Balance, Minimus 1010's, TiVo’s new Premiere 4 DVR , New Era Cap Co., Black & Decker Platinum Hand Vacs, Ultimate Ears by Logitech and more.

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McCarthy was fascinated by the Zerona body-sculpting treatment that reportedly causes fat cells to shrink. “She was joking around said she wanted to do her whole body,” the rep told The Hollywood Reporter. "She took the free coupon for a series of treatments so if she starts looking leaner, you'll know why!"

Glenn Close also snagged the coupon, the rep said. Goodwin bypassed that slim-down booth entirely, settling for a cool new pair of shades and the New TiVo that records four shows at once. The reps smartly personalized her demo, showing how she could look herself up on the new machine and see all the other shows and films she’s been in. Goodwin stood and watched for a few minutes. Seeing her past work, the pixie-haired actress sighed and said, "That was back when my hair was long."

McCarthy took the new TiVo 4, because she was still using the first generation, explaining: “It’s time for an upgrade.” And she went ape for the hand-held Black & Decker vacuums telling THR: “I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old at home, so nothing looks better than these!”

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Matthew Perry stopped in briefly on Saturday and grabbed some Emergen-C and information about the Logitech earphones. “They take a mold of your ear,” he told his companion. Then he explained his choices to THR: “I drink Emergen-C and I listen to music.” He left after a fan said “I love Friends!” but made no mention of his new show, Go On.

But the big crush was Sunday, during the actual show. It felt like Grand Celebrity Central Station with stars such Big Breaking Bad winner Aaron Paul, Andre Braugher, Ashley Judd, Aziz Ansari, Edie Falco, Elizabeth Moss, Eric Stonestreet, Jimmy Fallon, Johnny Galecki, Jon Stewart, Kathy Bates, Kerry Washington, Matthew Weiner, Mindy Kaling, Ron Howard, Sarah Paulson, Seth Meyers, Steve Buscemi, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Tracy Pollan, Zachary Quinto, were seen coming, shopping and going.

2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings brought her boyfriend Nick Zano, grabbing some “fedorable” hats from New Era after chugging some Emergen-C and playing with the Black & Decker vacuums. Zano asked the rep to give Dennings a couple of them. Dennings shot back, “Yes, so I can charge them up before he uses them.”

James Van Der Beek also grabbed some vacuums: "These are perfect for all those Cheerios the kids leave under the couch.”

Hayden Panetierre went straight to the New Balance booth, where the brand new running shoes were being given away. The actress confessed that she has to run more now that she has moved to Nashville since “it’s all BBQ and I love it way too much. So I now have to run a lot more than I used to, I try to run every day if I’m not too tired.”

There was even some Emmy fashion chat going on. Close complimented Edie Falco on her striking Stella McCartney navy and white dress.

She told Close: “I cannot believe how comfortable it is! I think it’s because it’s so stretchy. Either way it’s making this a wonderful event.”

For more from inside the lounge, watch THR's video below.