Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon Have Odd Conversation About Pikachu, Dogs and Hooters

Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon — H 2016

The duo played "word sneak" on Tuesday's 'Tonight Show' and entertained each other with their creative sentences.

Jimmy Fallon spiced up his interview with Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy on Tuesday's Tonight Show by playing "word sneak."

They were each given words they needed to casually and seamlessly work into their conversation.

McCarthy went first, bringing up her summer plans and how her children want to go to karate and learn how to be a "ninja."

"They're fighters," said McCarthy. She added, "The little one's very aggressive." Fallon effortlessly riffed off of McCarthy's description of her child as tiny and blonde. He said, "Tiny blonde, almost yellow. He's a little Pikachu running around."

McCarthy said that a Pikachu is a "great dog" and talked about driving dogs to college. Fallon called her out on this and she stood by her statements. "The dogs? They deserve college," she said.

"This is a side of Jimmy we've not seen," she joked. "He wants to keep dogs dumb."

Fallon responded by talking about how regular dogs should be, getting to his word by saying, "Wet food, dry food, Fiber One."

Naturally, the conversation eventually turned to Hooters. "Swear to God, best bowl of Fiber One I ever had: Hooters on Third," said McCarthy.

Watch to see all the words they fit in and hear about Fallon's "lost weekend" at Hooters with Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.