Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer Joke They Are "Hollywood Friends" in "BFF Showdown"

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer- Split-Getty-H 2020
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The friends of 20 years pretended to be unfamiliar with each other when Jimmy Fallon quizzed them during Monday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer put their friendship to the test on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon quizzed the friends of 20 years on simple facts about each other in a game called "BFF Showdown."

The host kicked off the game by asking McCarthy where Spencer went to college. After thinking for a moment, McCarthy said, "I don't think she went to school." Spencer insisted that she attended college, so McCarthy guessed that she went to school at Fort Lauderdale University. After Spencer said that she attended Auburn University, McCarthy responded, "In Lauderdale?"

Fallon next asked Spencer if McCarthy is married. After chuckling, Spencer asked if she could take a pass on the question. McCarthy hinted that she is married to a man named Ben, though Spencer was still unable to name Ben Falcone as McCarthy's husband. "He's not my cousin," McCarthy said of Falcone.

The friends continued to pretend that they don't know each other well when McCarthy was unable to state Spencer's last name. "It rhymes with her first name," she said. "It's not Octavia, is it?"

Fallon questioned why McCarthy doesn't know her best friend's last name, though Spencer came to McCarthy's defense. "She's right. You never say it," Spencer said. McCarthy added, "If you're friends, you don't say the other person's last name. That'd be so creepy. I don't curtsy to her, either."

The host later asked Spencer what McCarthy looks like, hinting that she could describe the image of McCarthy from their Zoom call. Spencer put on her glasses to take a good look at McCarthy, though ended up describing a green shirt that she saw onscreen. "You're wearing green," McCarthy told Spencer. "Are you looking at yourself?"

The final round was worth a million points, though Fallon explained that he would intentionally give them an easy question. "Either one of you guys, say one thing about the other person," he said.

After the women sat in silence, Spencer said that they had to be transparent. "We don't really hang out in real life," she said. "We're Hollywood friends."

McCarthy played along and agreed with Spencer that they don't know each other well. "I've never actually seen her in person," she said.

She added that their friendship is similar to how Fallon hires "the two little girls who play your daughters," while Spencer applauded "the sweet woman you got playing your wife."

The host argued that the young girls and woman that appear on his show are actually his daughters and wife, though McCarthy and Spencer insisted that they could see through his television persona.

Watch the full game below.