Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean Spicer in 'SNL' Cold Open

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on 'SNL'

Kate McKinnon also appeared as recently named attorney general Jeff Sessions in the Alec Baldwin-hosted episode.

Melissa McCarthy took on press secretary Sean Spicer yet again on Saturday Night Live.

Donning a short blond wig and a blue suit, McCarthy made her second appearance as Spicer. "I'm supposed to cut back on the gum chewing so I am now going to limit myself to one slice a day," McCarthy said before pulling out a multiple-feet-long stick of gum and taking a large bite out of it.

McCarthy then had trouble pronouncing the names of foreign dignitaries with whom President Donald Trump was scheduled to meet that week.

When questioned by a journalist about Trump's controversial travel ban, she angrily responded, "Don't f— with me, Glenn!"

She then went on to condescendingly explain the "extreme vetting" measures to the crowd of journalists. "Spice is going to explain it so you dumb babies can understand it," McCarthy said. Using her "dollies," i.e. a Barbie who was "OK because she's blonde" and a doll version of Disney princess Moana, McCarthy laid out the process. "We're going to read her emails and if we don't like the answers, and we won't, then boom! Guantanamo Bay," she said of the Moana doll.

She went on to name multiple made-up terror attacks, such as "the slaughter at Fraggle Rock" and "the night they drove Ole Dixie down" and "Nordstrom," referring to the recent Twitter spat between President Trump and the department store, which recently announced it would no longer carry daughter Ivanka's fashion line. Upon naming the retailer, McCarthy showed off a bangle and a pair of high heels from one of Ivanka's fashion lines.

Kate McKinnon then entered as attorney general Jeff Sessions, sporting a thick Southern accent. "We all know there are two kinds of crime: regular and black," McKinnon said, before being shooed off by McCarthy's Spicer.

When a journalist questioned Spicer's claim that the murder rate in Chicago is at "80 percent," McCarthy's Spicer responded by using a leaf blower on the reporter. She then drove her podium into the press pool.