Melissa McCarthy Recalls Interviewer Who Repeatedly Asked About Her "Tremendous Size"

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In a thinly veiled hint, the actress revealed the questions came from "somebody who later lost his job for a conversation he had on a bus with someone else."

Melissa McCarthy said in a new cover story with InStyle that she was once repeatedly asked about her "tremendous size" during an interview to promote Bridesmaids, hinting that the question came from "somebody who later lost his job for a conversation he had on a bus with someone else."

"I do remember another interview I did for Bridesmaids with somebody who later lost his job for a conversation he had on a bus with someone else," McCarthy told the magazine. "I won’t mention names, but just think about it. He kept asking, 'Are you shocked that you actually work in this business at your tremendous size?'"

Elaborating on the incident, which most likely took place in 2011 near Bridesmaids' release, McCarthy said that the interviewer repeatedly asked a variation of, "Oh, your tremendous size, you can actually work?" That was when she said she could feel "all the blood [drain]" out of her body.

"I thought, 'With my tremendous size, I could tackle you so quickly.' There were two cameras on him, and one was on me, and he went back to that question three or four times, and I just kept talking about the script or how fun [director] Paul Feig was," the actress continued. "He was looking around like, 'She’s crazy.'"

McCarthy told InStyle that even a producer working on the segment felt embarrassed by the interviewer's line of questioning. "When we left, their producer was horrified and said, 'We’ll never play what he said. I’m so sorry,'" she added.

McCarthy's quote about the "somebody" who got fired for a "conversation he had on a bus with someone else" is seemingly in reference to Billy Bush and his infamous 2005 Access Hollywood video clip — which features the TV personality and Donald Trump talking on a bus — that leaked in October 2016, one month ahead of the presidential election.

In audio from the footage, which was obtained and published by The Washington Post more than two years ago, Bush and then-Apprentice host Trump could be heard engaging in what many considered to be misogynistic banter. After the video made headlines, Bush was swiftly let go from the Today show, which he joined in the summer of 2016 after years of hosting Access Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to a rep for Bush for comment on McCarthy's quotes to InStyle.

Bush took to Instagram in October to reflect on the lingering aftermath of his controversial conversation with the now-president.

"Two years ago today, my life went from order to chaos in a dramatic instant," he wrote in part at the time. "I accounted for my small part, while the President and my employer walked away and still haven’t accounted for their actions. These past couple years have been character building to say the least – anxiety attacks, fits of rage, feelings of betrayal and abandonment – and I have concluded that I am NOT extraordinary. Terrible things can happen at any moment to ANYONE."