Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Performs "I Feel Pretty" for 'SNL' Promo

Twitter users also spotted the actress in character as the White House press secretary while filming her upcoming 'Saturday Night Live' hosting gig.

Melissa McCarthy is getting a major makeover for her big Saturday Night Live hosting gig. 

In a promo for this weekend's episode, McCarthy lip-syncs to West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty" as she dances throughout the SNL set to the hair and makeup team who transforms her into the lovely and beautiful ... White House press secretary Sean Spicer. 

But the new look only enhances the performance, as McCarthy, now in a suit and wig, continues to twirl all the way to the stage. 

McCarthy, likely reprising her role as an aggressive Spicer taking press questions, hosts the May 13 episode of NBC's SNL, with Dwayne Johnson following on May 20. 

SNL also created a highlight reel video in honor of McCarthy's return to the show, featuring some of her more impressive falls, dance moves and other stunts over the years. 

On Friday, McCarthy was spotted filming in character as Spicer when the star took the show's motorized podium for a drive down 58th Street in New York City. 

In videos posted to Twitter, McCarthy as Spicer can be heard screaming, "Watch out!" while slowly making her way down the street as a line of cars follow.

Earlier in the day, Trump, whose administration is dealing with the aftermath of James Comey's ouster, threatened to cancel all future White House press briefings in a series of early morning Tweets for the "sake of accuracy."