Rock Band Caught in Japan, New Zealand Earthquakes

The Melvins experienced both natural disasters since kicking off their tour Feb. 20.

Los Angeles rock band The Melvins are 2-for-2 when it comes to natural disasters.

Not only were they in Tokyo when the disastrous 8.9 earthquake hit Japan Friday, they also experienced the 6.3 earthquake that shook up Christchurch, New Zealand less than a month ago.

"Another big earthquake in Tokyo! Melvins' members and crew are fine," the Melvins posted on Facebook early Friday morning.

According to frontman Buzz Osborne, the band was also at the airport in Christchurch when the first wave of the New Zealand quake hit.

"As soon as that one was over, we grabbed all of our bags and passports and ran for the door," he told in February. "I'm a serious quake coward. [This one] was plenty big, as were the aftershocks. I stayed outside for the next five hours."

A spokesperson for the band sent the LA Times a statement from Osborne on Saturday saying, "What are the odds of us being in TWO major earthquakes on TWO continents in about TWO weeks? In the billions?"

The Melvins had travelled to Japan to perform with San Francisco band High on Fire for the final leg of their tour, which began in New Zealand. The Japan earthquake struck shortly before their last show in Tokyo.

Although Osborne, an L.A. native, is familiar with living in earthquake-prone territory, he admitted he never gets used to the experience.

"I don't like earthquakes, or fires, or floods, or tornadoes, or hurricanes, or any natural disaster whatsoever," he told Spinner.