Some memorable medical moments from 'Grey's Anatomy'


Season 2
Guest stars Christina Ricci and Kyle Chandler care for a World War II re-enactor who's brought in with a homemade, live bomb embedded in his chest. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) instinctively moves in when Ricci's young paramedic panics and bolts. As Burke's (Isaiah Washington) team plots what to do to not blow each other up -- along with the hospital -- the patient's heart rate drops and the bomb has to come out. And just when it seems all is OK, the bomb explodes, taking with it Chandler's bomb squad expert.

Season 2
A train crash "unites" two strangers who are impaled by the same pole and the docs have to decide which one of the pair will survive. "That was very challenging because the big question is: Why don't you just saw them in half?" says "Grey's Anatomy" medical producer Linda Klein.

Season 3
Three mountain climbers come in after falling 100 feet from Mount Rainier and are treated for severe frostbite. The residents and interns -- between studying for their intern exam -- learn that the injured three initially were four, and were tied together and left their "dead" friend behind. As the story evolves, the fourth guy is brought in -- alive -- with an ax in his head. "I call this story the 'CSI' of 'Grey's.' For (the climbers) it was mostly the makeup and the prosthetic makeup, then taking off the limbs as we needed to," Klein says. "I think it was based on a true story."

Season 5
Donating a kidney to the married man you've been sleeping with for three years whose wife is donating a kidney to someone else ... The domino surgery episode featured 12 kidney transplants in six operating rooms, all at the same time. Klein used a pig's kidney for the scene in which Meredith drops the organ: "The kidney looked great when it dropped and the geyser of urine flowed out. I felt we did a good job."