Menemsha picks up 'A Matter of Size'

Deal struck with K5 International

LONDON -- Neil Friedman's Menemsha Films has taken U.S. and Canadian rights to Erez Tadmor and Sharon Maymon's Israeli comedy "A Matter of Size" in a deal struck with U.K.- and Germany-based sales agency K5 International.

Produced by UCM Films (Israel), MACT Prods. (France) and K5 Films (Germany), the movie tells the story of an overweight Israeli chef who mutinies from the rigors of his diet support group to set up Israel's first sumo wrestling team.

The remake rights to the comedy, a favorite on the international movie circuit, has already been acquired by the Weinstein Co. in a separate deal previously.

Friedman described the movie as one that "makes you laugh until your sides hurt."

K5 International's Bill Stephens, Daniel Baur and Oliver Simon said Menemsha showed "great passion for the project and a strong distribution plan" for the title.