'The Mentalist' will 'explode' with Eric Winter

Co-star Owain Yeoman tells THR he's never seen 'Dynasty'

"The Mentalist" is about to blow up -- literally.

Eric Winter ("Brothers & Sisters") makes his debut next Thursday on the hit CBS drama, which recently began its third season, and his appearance will cause friction between members of the team.

One in particular? Wayne Rigsby, played by British actor Owain Yeoman.

"In plot terms, he's representing my love rival, so Rigsby's gotta up his romantic game a little bit," Yeoman told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a new dynamic for us. It's a great little rivalry between us and we're enjoying playing it."

Winter's character Craig O'Loughlin, a former football player-turned-FBI agent, will be vying for the affections of Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti), but his introduction in the third episode is one that will be difficult to forget.

"His entrance into the show is probably one of the most spectacular entrances I've ever seen in 2010," Yeoman teased. "Put it this way: It goes quite literally with a bang. I've never known anyone to explode onscreen quite in the way he does."

He added: "A couple weeks from now Eric Winter fans will be very happy. ... I'm loving having that whole love triangle play out."

In addition to Winter, who will be recurring, and the return of Aunjanue Ellis, Yeoman put a slight rumor to bed involving guest star Jack Coleman ("Heroes").

"I was quoted by someone at TV Guide as saying I was a massive Steven Carrington fan and for my sins, I have never seen ['Dynasty']," Yeoman confessed. "It was my wife ['The Office's' Lucy Davis] going, 'I can't believe you've got Steven Carrington, that's amazing!' I was like, 'I promise you, I've never watched it.' Of course, I know him from 'Heroes.' "

Even though a Rigsby-Van Pelt romance is not in the cards yet in Season 3, Yeoman is hopeful his character will be getting some love.

"Jack Coleman maybe? ... I don't want to be quoted saying that alright? It's already gotten weird," Yeoman joked.
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